Feb 24, 2010

That's Wall Street

It's comments like this that really take the glow out of pursuing a career (and an advanced degree) in museums:

My board, which i have to placate, because they raised the money to build the place which is keeping me employed (but none of whom know how to run a museum) is giving me fits. They have decided they want *insert anonymous Republican* to speak at the opening. He is an old friend of one of our oil tycoon board chairmen. I will likely be sick to my stomach. You too will learn the joys of selling your soul to keep your job in good stead in a small to medium museum one day. They can't teach that in museum ethics.

...yay? But then again, this much beloved former co-worker was never known for his optimism. He's a realist (like many... ok, most... of my former co-workers) and I appreciate that. Someone has to tell it like it is-- it might as well be him. While I'm reading about the difference between "feign" and "simulate" (I'm not far enough into this article to even begin to explain how it relates to museums), he's out there doing real, honest-to-goodness work.

For a brief moment, I was kind of jealous. Right now, I would gladly trade these stacks of overly theoretical articles for some time out there in the trenches, doing good, solid museum work.

But then I remembered something. I was out in the trenches, doing good, (sometimes) solid museum work. And I bitched to high hell about having to be at work at 9, dealing with screaming babies and angry teachers and puking kids, and pathetic wages and no health insurance and weird homeless people and, and, and...

So I came back to school.

Feb 16, 2010

I'm on a horse.

Tommy and I saw this Old Spice commercial at the movie theatre this weekend. We were laughing, other people were staring. I'm ok with it.

Thank goodness Tommy wears Old Spice, so he can buy me tickets to that thing I love.

Feb 13, 2010

Oh. Canada.

I'm tired of people saying, "Well, it was no Beijing..."

No fricking kidding. Canada is not China and it's never gonna BE China. Much in the same way that crème brulée is never gonna be Jell-O.

But that’s a good thing!

Personally, I loved last night's opening ceremony. I thought it was very... Canadian.

The Canadians hold a very special place in my heart.
I grew up in a state that is actually north of Canada...

... drinking Canadian beer... watching Canadian Television...

... and obsessively following a Canadian rock band.

So while weirdness like this is undeniably Chinese...
Moments like this...
...are deligtfully and beautifully Canadian.

I'm pro-health care, I like hockey and beer, and it's been recently brought to my attention that I interject the occasional "eh" into conversation. So when you mess with the Canadians, you mess with me.

So forget Beijing and accept Canada and her citizens for who they are.
They would do the same for you.

And they'd be damn polite about it, eh.

Feb 12, 2010

Go World!

I was mad at NBC for the same reason a lot of people were mad at NBC: I love Conan. But I'm putting my anger on hold (partly because Conan so eloquently told me to) because it's time for the WINTER OLYMPICS!

I love the Olympics. I mean I LOVE the Olympics. Every two years, I find myself obsessively following the stats and achievements of athletes competing in sports I would otherwise never watch.

During the last summer Olympics in China, I was up at all hours of the night (damn that 12 hour difference) to make sure that I was able to watch Michael Phelps win LIVE, so I could get a good look at those Chinese gymnasts (16 years old my ass) and to see Usain Bolt break his own records--one after another-- in those crazy gold Pumas.

So here's what I'll be tuned into in Vancouver over the next 16 days.

1.) The opening ceremony. I don't think it can top Beijing's craziness from two years ago (has it been two years already?). But it's always awesome and it always gives me goosebumps.

2.) Shaun White. Holy cow. I'm not a snoboarder, but this guy is insane! And you have to appreciate that hair.

3.) Bobsled! C'mon, don't pretend that you didn't love Cool Runnings. You know you did. I think it's so cool to watch them run that sled and then jump in it and snap those handles down. It's a race with a lot of components involved. So cool.

4.) Medal ceremonies. Do you know all the words to Switzerland's national anthem? Neither do I. But I still love watching people get their medals and cry. Oh, I love to see them cry. I hope the medals aren't ugly this year (Sorry Torino-- they looked like bagel chips).

5.) Lindsey Vonn. She's a badass. I think people are underestimating what a badass she actually is. The girl has a bruise on her shin. Calm down people-- she's an Olympian! I'm not worried. Also, she has the Picabo Street seal of approval, so I'm on board.

6.) Bob Costas. Don't get me wrong-- I still love me some Matt Lauer, but nobody covers the Olympics like Bob Costas. I loved his interview with Bela Karolyi in Beijing.

Bela final
by bsap11
He really enjoys the athletes and coaches and it shows. Love him.

7.) Apolo Ohno. He may be my favorite Olympic athlete of all time (Bela Karolyi isn't an athlete). He's going to be the guy to watch this year, as he only needs TWO medals to become the most decorated winter Olympic athlete of ALL TIME. Nuts, right?! I get really nervous while watching speed skating, though. It always looks like they're about to fall over.

8.) Women's hockey. It kind of makes me wish I hadn't quit playing high school hockey. I could have been an Olympic athlete... maybe. So what, I never scored a goal? I was really good at drinking Gatorade. Like... Oympic good.

9.) French. It's the official language of the Olympics and I like to brush up by listening to the announcers.

10.) Figure Skating. Johnny Weir is a pretty big deal this year, but I think he's kind of annoying (though I'm willing to let him win me over throughout the course of the games). Personally, I like the pairs better. Blades of Glory, anyone?

Feb 6, 2010


I know... I know. More LOST. But seriously... watch it.

Feb 5, 2010

Et Tu, Tina?

Save Me

This is what I've been staring at for the past 4 hours.
I need more coffee and less work.
That piece of paper tacked above my computer is my To-Do List.

Feb 3, 2010

Nothing is Irreversible

If you didn't watch LOST last night... just stop reading. You'll either be bored to tears or mad that I've spoiled the season premier for you.

This may come as a shock to some of my family and friends but... I love LOST. I started watching it on DVD one lonely summer in East Lansing and have been hopelessly hooked ever since.

What follows is the text of an email I sent to my buddy back in Michigan, outlining my theories and questions about the season 6 opener. But I figured I would put it out into the gaping black hole that is the Internet in hopes of getting some additional answers and theories.

1. So first of all: alternate reality?! Holy crap! Did they rip a hole in the space/time continuum or something? I don’t even care. I love it anyway!

2. At first I thought everything on the plane was backwards-- but it wasn't exactly. I mean, Rose trying to comfort Jack-- that's backwards! But everything was just a little off. Do you think Hurley is really lucky? Or do you think he's just lying (like Locke was to Boone about going on a walkabout)?

3. The knick on Jack's neck... is that a reference to the gash in his side that would have happened if the plane actually crashed?

4. I bet Jack DOES remember Desmond, like he was saying. Remember, they met while running in that stadium? That obviously happened before flight 815... so can we perhaps assume that this is still true, even in this parallel reality? I also wonder if Desmond is still flickering around in time like he was a few seasons ago. Do you think that's why he disappeared from the plane?

5. How many times can Sawyer beat up Jack in one episode?

6. Did you notice that Sayid had a different passport on the plane this time? He's Iraqi, but his passport was Iranian. Woah!

7. Who the hell is that crazy Japanese guy? And what would make Jack think he could beat him up? Why would Jack NOT assume that a guy like that would be awesome at karate?! C'mon Jack. Use your head.

8. I bet the smoke monster is in Sayid now. I mean-- dead is dead, right? Or maybe Jacob is in Sayid and smoke monster/Locke is going to have a battle royale with Jacob/Sayid.

9. OR (and stay with me on this) the same thing that happened to Ben, happened to Sayid. Remember when Sayid shot little Ben last season, Richard brought him to the temple and could save him but said that ''He'll forget this ever happened, and his innocence will be gone". So Sayid woke up asking what happened... which suggests he forgot it happened. But is his innocence gone? Does Sayid have any innocence left? He's a nice guy and all, but I mean, he's a professional torturer.

10. Where is smoke monster/Locke taking Richard? Also, I bet Richard was a slave on the Black Rock.

11. My first thought when I saw the island under water was "Jughead sunk it!" But then I realized that New Otherton was still there... so the island sunk well after Jughead.

12. I'm pretty sure I saw a Dharma logo on the shark!

13. At the swan site-- yeah, all the metal is twisted and the place is a mess because of the electromagnetic pull... but it sure doesn't look like a bomb went off. So that leaves me to ask, where the hell is the bomb?

14. I heard a theory that Jin had all that money in his bag because his plan was to deliver the watch for Sun's jerkface dad and then run away to start a new life with Sun in America. I don't really care. I hate this Jin. I like Dharma Jin better.

15. I loved Jack telling Locke, "Nothing is irreversible" when he gave Locke his card. Yeah… not when you have a hydrogen bomb, I guess.

Phew. I need a Dharma beer.

Research "Interests"

I'm not a PhD student, but this website has been cracking me up.
Here's one of my more recent favorites:

I am VERY interested in the research associated with shopping for things online.

Feb 2, 2010


In honor of today's holiday, I will post my favorite LOST character's favorite phrase.

Happy LOST Day, everyone!!