Feb 3, 2010

Nothing is Irreversible

If you didn't watch LOST last night... just stop reading. You'll either be bored to tears or mad that I've spoiled the season premier for you.

This may come as a shock to some of my family and friends but... I love LOST. I started watching it on DVD one lonely summer in East Lansing and have been hopelessly hooked ever since.

What follows is the text of an email I sent to my buddy back in Michigan, outlining my theories and questions about the season 6 opener. But I figured I would put it out into the gaping black hole that is the Internet in hopes of getting some additional answers and theories.

1. So first of all: alternate reality?! Holy crap! Did they rip a hole in the space/time continuum or something? I don’t even care. I love it anyway!

2. At first I thought everything on the plane was backwards-- but it wasn't exactly. I mean, Rose trying to comfort Jack-- that's backwards! But everything was just a little off. Do you think Hurley is really lucky? Or do you think he's just lying (like Locke was to Boone about going on a walkabout)?

3. The knick on Jack's neck... is that a reference to the gash in his side that would have happened if the plane actually crashed?

4. I bet Jack DOES remember Desmond, like he was saying. Remember, they met while running in that stadium? That obviously happened before flight 815... so can we perhaps assume that this is still true, even in this parallel reality? I also wonder if Desmond is still flickering around in time like he was a few seasons ago. Do you think that's why he disappeared from the plane?

5. How many times can Sawyer beat up Jack in one episode?

6. Did you notice that Sayid had a different passport on the plane this time? He's Iraqi, but his passport was Iranian. Woah!

7. Who the hell is that crazy Japanese guy? And what would make Jack think he could beat him up? Why would Jack NOT assume that a guy like that would be awesome at karate?! C'mon Jack. Use your head.

8. I bet the smoke monster is in Sayid now. I mean-- dead is dead, right? Or maybe Jacob is in Sayid and smoke monster/Locke is going to have a battle royale with Jacob/Sayid.

9. OR (and stay with me on this) the same thing that happened to Ben, happened to Sayid. Remember when Sayid shot little Ben last season, Richard brought him to the temple and could save him but said that ''He'll forget this ever happened, and his innocence will be gone". So Sayid woke up asking what happened... which suggests he forgot it happened. But is his innocence gone? Does Sayid have any innocence left? He's a nice guy and all, but I mean, he's a professional torturer.

10. Where is smoke monster/Locke taking Richard? Also, I bet Richard was a slave on the Black Rock.

11. My first thought when I saw the island under water was "Jughead sunk it!" But then I realized that New Otherton was still there... so the island sunk well after Jughead.

12. I'm pretty sure I saw a Dharma logo on the shark!

13. At the swan site-- yeah, all the metal is twisted and the place is a mess because of the electromagnetic pull... but it sure doesn't look like a bomb went off. So that leaves me to ask, where the hell is the bomb?

14. I heard a theory that Jin had all that money in his bag because his plan was to deliver the watch for Sun's jerkface dad and then run away to start a new life with Sun in America. I don't really care. I hate this Jin. I like Dharma Jin better.

15. I loved Jack telling Locke, "Nothing is irreversible" when he gave Locke his card. Yeah… not when you have a hydrogen bomb, I guess.

Phew. I need a Dharma beer.

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