Feb 13, 2010

Oh. Canada.

I'm tired of people saying, "Well, it was no Beijing..."

No fricking kidding. Canada is not China and it's never gonna BE China. Much in the same way that crème brulée is never gonna be Jell-O.

But that’s a good thing!

Personally, I loved last night's opening ceremony. I thought it was very... Canadian.

The Canadians hold a very special place in my heart.
I grew up in a state that is actually north of Canada...

... drinking Canadian beer... watching Canadian Television...

... and obsessively following a Canadian rock band.

So while weirdness like this is undeniably Chinese...
Moments like this...
...are deligtfully and beautifully Canadian.

I'm pro-health care, I like hockey and beer, and it's been recently brought to my attention that I interject the occasional "eh" into conversation. So when you mess with the Canadians, you mess with me.

So forget Beijing and accept Canada and her citizens for who they are.
They would do the same for you.

And they'd be damn polite about it, eh.


  1. I cried buckets when all the aboriginal tribes came out. Jeremy seemed concerned, so finally, I said, "Well, Canadians are really nice, so maybe they were way nicer to their aboriginal people than us jerks in the U.S. were." Jeremy laid a hand on mine and said, "I'm sure they were," in a way that screamed "now please quit crying because I am afraid for your tenuous sanity."

  2. Canadians totally get a bad rap. Like like Molson Canadian and thick accents too much not to like Canada.

    I did feel bad for Steve Nash - he had no place to light his torch.