Feb 24, 2010

That's Wall Street

It's comments like this that really take the glow out of pursuing a career (and an advanced degree) in museums:

My board, which i have to placate, because they raised the money to build the place which is keeping me employed (but none of whom know how to run a museum) is giving me fits. They have decided they want *insert anonymous Republican* to speak at the opening. He is an old friend of one of our oil tycoon board chairmen. I will likely be sick to my stomach. You too will learn the joys of selling your soul to keep your job in good stead in a small to medium museum one day. They can't teach that in museum ethics.

...yay? But then again, this much beloved former co-worker was never known for his optimism. He's a realist (like many... ok, most... of my former co-workers) and I appreciate that. Someone has to tell it like it is-- it might as well be him. While I'm reading about the difference between "feign" and "simulate" (I'm not far enough into this article to even begin to explain how it relates to museums), he's out there doing real, honest-to-goodness work.

For a brief moment, I was kind of jealous. Right now, I would gladly trade these stacks of overly theoretical articles for some time out there in the trenches, doing good, solid museum work.

But then I remembered something. I was out in the trenches, doing good, (sometimes) solid museum work. And I bitched to high hell about having to be at work at 9, dealing with screaming babies and angry teachers and puking kids, and pathetic wages and no health insurance and weird homeless people and, and, and...

So I came back to school.

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